The big house

This house got 2 big bedrooms. The bedroom at the 1st floor got one king size bed and the bedroom on the top got 2x120cm beds and we can also ad to more 90cm beds if needed. So we can fit a maximum of 6 people in this house. It is also a bathroom, kitchen, TV, internet and a big terrace with a perfect view to a few of the surf spots. It is no AC, but fan for each bed. The girl who takes care of the house can also make you breakfast, lunch and dinner if you would like.


For 1 night:
1per: 300.000 Rp /  30$
2per: 430.000 Rp /  43$
3per: 550.000 Rp /  55$
4per: 650.000 Rp /  65$
5per: 750.000 Rp /  75$

For 1 month:
10.000.000 rupia